The data that lies within


Our aim is to make it quick and easy for you to access your quantified personal data. Your data will be sync between your devices so you can access them on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our FAQs. If You have any other questions you'd like answered please feel free to email us.

An excuse to collect more data that you are actually giving away to multinational corporations. The difference is that with Quantifake you can practically give made up data.

Yes, Google, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft are dealing with huge amounts of data in order to squeeze until the very last drop of benefits that could be comodified from your online activities, but at least with Quantifake You can make yourself believe that You are in control.

Is in the works but first We need to deal with many confusing set of technologies that are not standarized to protect Silicon Valley moguls from themselves.

C'mon! are You really concerned about that? Aren't You that kind of people who says that doesn't have anything to hide? Relax, there's worse problems than that in the world.


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